Cornerstone Certified Vineyards

Rootstock and Budwood Cuttings

We are a participant in the California Department of Agriculture's Registered Increase Block program. Plants in our increase blocks (mother blocks) originally came from the California Foundation Block, managed by the Foundation Plant Service at UC Davis. This program goes to great lengths to insure the virus free status, origin, and trueness to type of all winegrape and rootstock varieties. This translates to the highest quality, cleanest material available to our customers. We offer the following rootstock and budwood varieties:


Protocol 2010 and Russell Ranch Material Only

Salt Creek
St. George
Mg 101-14


Wine Grapes (certified)

Chardonnay 04
Chardonnay 05
Chardonnay 17 (R. Young)
Chardonnay 28 (Mt. Eden)
Chardonnay 69 (aka 76)
Chardonnay 72 (Wente)
Chardonnay 96 (aka 70)
Pinot Noir 02A
Pinot Noir 09
Pinot Noir 15 (Martini)
Pinot Noir 23
Pinot Noir 37 (Mt. Eden)
Pinot Noir 44 (aka 113)
Pinot Noir 46 (aka 114)
Pinot Noir 47 (aka 114)
Pinot Noir 71 (aka 777)
Pinot Noir 72 (aka 67)
Pinot Noir 73 (aka 115)
Pinot Noir 91 (Pom 4)
Pinot Noir 97 (Swan)
Merlot 03

Viognier 01
Viognier 04
Viognier 05

Wine Grapes (non-certified)

Pinot Noir 04 (Pommard)
Pinot Noir 667
Pinot Noir 115
Pinot Noir 777
  Merlot 19 (aka 343)

Table Grapes (certified)

Autum Royal
Diamond Muscat
Summer Muscat
Summer Royal

Please call the office for prices and availability (707-837-5320)